Ichilov hospital to open IMED center to develop medical technologies

The new center will be opened with help of the companies MIXER and inVITA.

New IMED Center at Ichilov (photo credit: SHAI EPSTEIN)
New IMED Center at Ichilov
(photo credit: SHAI EPSTEIN)
Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) will open a new IMED center to help start-up companies cooperate with experts and the hospital's medical staff to better develop new medical technologies.
The new center will be located on the hospital's 16th floor between the office spaces inhabited by MIXER and the inVITA investment fund, making it perfectly placed to create a seamless environment between start-ups and hospital facilities, which will transform Ichilov into a beta-testing site for Israeli industries.
inVITA is expected to raise about $65 million, alongside various partners, and will be headed by Prof. Roni Gamzu, Israel's previous coronavirus czar, who has returned to be head of Ichilov hospital.
"This year, the health challenges the world has been facing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic have changed the health system completely – and we at Ichilov hospital have made it our goal to continue to lead medical innovation in Israel," Gamzu said.  
"The coronavirus has led to two major phenomena," according to Prof. Eli Sprecher, head of R&D at Ichilov. "The first is that there has been an increase in the number of technology companies that wish to cooperate in the world of the health industry. The second is the implementation of technologies which make treatment more efficient and easier, as well as providing new insights into the patients' health."
"MIXER is the end result of cooperation with our partners," IMED CEO Eyal Navveh said. "I thank Prof. Roni Gamzu for his trust and cooperation on this shared path, and am certain that we will push boundaries together."