'Start Up Nation' creates miracles, eliminates Parkinson's tremors painlessly

"It's a joy to be able to write a legible sentence, apply make-up in less than a half-hour, or just hold the paper on which my sermon is written, without it shaking wildly." - Rabbi Mintz.

Rabbi Yocheved Mintz after procedure (photo credit: AMERICAN FRIENDS OF RAMBAM)
Rabbi Yocheved Mintz after procedure
Some medical miracles you can see. Others you cannot. Rabbi Yocheved Mintz thought her hand would never stop trembling because of her Parkinson's diagnosis, but that all changed during her recent trip to Israel.
This remarkable turn of events is the result of an exciting collaboration between Israeli doctors and engineers. Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa is the first hospital to partner with medical device developer Insightec to improve its MRI-Guided Focused Ultrasound treatment for individuals with severe neurological disorders. With tremendous success, Rambam has treated 62 patients to date with Essential Tremor and Parkinson's Tremor, home and abroad with MRI-Guided Focused Ultrasound.
With no operating room, no incisions, and no pain, Rambam is among the few international facilities offering this completely non-invasive technique. As the leading location for the procedure, Rambam treats tremors of moderate to high severity, drastically improving a person’s quality of life, including the ability to eat, drink, write, and complete any activity that requires controlled, accurate movement. Without this treatment, tremors may heighten on one side of the body, and over time may worsen, resulting in severe disability.
Many patients with significant tremors that are unresponsive to medication can now consider Rambam as their go-to solution. This procedure only requires a few hours, but can last a lifetime, producing significant and immediate relief of the tremor. Using high-intensity ultrasound waves, doctors can precisely target the diseased area of the brain, preserving all healthy surrounding tissue.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is used to accurately direct the ultrasound waves to the specific site in the brain where the tremor is initiated—hence the treatment name—MRI-Guided FUS. The doctor monitors the patient in real time and adapts treatment for optimal results.
Rabbi Yocheved Mintz after procedure enjoying dinner with chopsticks (AMERICAN FRIENDS OF RAMBAM)Rabbi Yocheved Mintz after procedure enjoying dinner with chopsticks (AMERICAN FRIENDS OF RAMBAM)
“Our innovative physician-scientists integrate medicine, engineering and science to provide the fastest, safest results," says Prof. Rafi Beyar, Director and CEO of Rambam Health Care Campus. "Our holistic approach facilitates redemptive treatment for patients, restoring their hope."
Beyond FUS treatment, Rambam has had a major role in innovation throughout Israel’s history, from perfecting CT scans and imagery, to electrophysiology for heart therapies, and stents to alleviate clogged arteries.
Welcoming patients regardless of race, religion or nationality, Rambam Health Care Campus treats individuals from every country – even those without diplomatic relations with Israel.  As a 1,000-bed teaching hospital, Rambam is the largest and most advanced medical center in Northern Israel, serving two million residents and individuals throughout the region and the world.
The Department of International Medicine at Rambam Health Care Campus offers the latest in modern and technologically advanced medical procedures, with thousands of patients worldwide applying online for treatment each year. The hospital’s top specialists offer a wide variety of consultations and care.
To apply for FUS treatment at Rambam Health Care Campus or for information, please contact Rambam’s consulting doctor, Svetlana Rubin at sveta@mashmed.com. To support innovative research for Parkinson's disease, a tax-deductible donation can be made to American Friends of Rambam at www.aforam.org or by contacting Sari Arshadnia at sarshadnia@aforam.org.