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Israeli diagnostic company partners with AID Genomics on COVID-19 testing

As part of the agreement, AID Genomics will finance the purchase of equipment needed to allow Todos' clients to meet capacity requirements.

“It is important to help people” – A conversation with Eyal Greenbaum

“As a religious man, I believe that it is important to help people and to improve people’s lives.”

Healthcare workers test a resident outside a temple in Dharavi
Israel's Zebra-Med bring coronavirus diagnostics to India's Apollo

Zebra Medical Vision specializes in AI diagnostics tools, making triage of coronavirus patients faster and more efficient.

Creativity vs. corona - Israeli innovation to fight the pandemic

More than 150 start-ups are working on COVID-19 solutions

Revolutionary technology to treat strokes brings hope to Israeli patients

A system combining motor imagery, virtual reality and electrical stimulation to treat people who suffered a brain stroke is bringing hope to patients in 27 countries.

An illustrative picture of antibiotic resistance tests
Ben-Gurion U. researchers hit back at antibiotic-resistant infections

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated that there could be 10 million deaths per year by 2050 because of drug-resistant infections.

Hillel's Tech Corner: MDGo: Car accidents are no match for AI and ML

MDGo's latest innovation is proving to be a big help in every way from medical imaging, to drug discovery, to medication management, and even robotic surgery.

(From left) Aidoc founders Michael Braginsky, Elad Walach and Guy Reiner
FDA approves Aidoc's AI-powered detection of pulmonary embolism

"AI is quickly becoming established as the highest standard of care, helping doctors and saving patients' lives."

Health technology: Are medical devices protected?

Once a hacker gets through a hospital’s firewall, they don’t often come up against any other lines of defense protecting medical devices.

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