Staying fresh this summer

One simply needs to take a deep breath, sip a cocktail, rub on some lotion and try to look beyond the horizon.

“Dream Long” line of hair products by L’Oreal Paris Elvive (photo credit: PR/COURTESY L’OREAL PARIS INTERNATIONAL)
“Dream Long” line of hair products by L’Oreal Paris Elvive
With the pandemic still going strong, heated political arguments and explosive demonstrations engulfing the country, one simply needs to take a deep breath, sip a cocktail, rub on some lotion and try to look beyond the horizon. Take care.
For long hair
The “Dream Long” line of hair products by L’Oreal Paris Elvive, has won Product of the Year 2020 in Europe and to celebrate they added a new Steam Mask – offering spa treatment for the hair – at home. Many of us refrain from going to hair salons these days, even when they are open, for obvious reasons. So the next best thing is to give ourselves a special treatment. The mask is enriched with herbal keratin, vitamins and natural oils, providing the hair fiber with instant hydration and nourishment. The mask is provided with a tissue-disposable cap. Use on washed hair. Spread the “heating” mask over hair, making sure all the hair from root to ends is covered. Pile the hair up on top of your head and cover with the cap, wait 10 minutes and gently wash. Voila! NIS 17.90 
An effective mask
Local beauty brand Alona Shechter, presents a new facial mask designed to rehabilitate dry skin. The formula, based on a combination of medical herbs, Dead Sea minerals and a high concentrate of active ingredients, promises to enhance the skin’s hydration, nourish it, protect from free radicals and firm the skin. The mask is especially effective for skin after cosmetic procedures such as peeling. Use over clean skin up to three times a week. NIS 170. Available at or 1-800-210-210
The color of water
It’s hot outside and leaving home without a bottle of water is really not a good idea. The problem is that after an hour or even less, the water in most bottles becomes tepid and not very appealing. A new stainless steel water bottle called Root7, promises to keep the liquids inside cold (for 30 hours) or hot (for 20 hours), thanks to double-walled copper insulation. The BPA-free, leak-proof bottle is eco-friendly and the company promises to plant a tree for every bottle sold. The designs are very stylish. From NIS 129, Available at
Green for your hair
Local affordable beauty store Scara has just launched a new professional “Green” line called Hair Salon. There are 13 products in the line that target hair problems caused by the summer sun radiation, pool and sea water, as well as hair that was chemically treated. The more unique products in the collection are the serum, hair mask and shampoo for blondes and our favorite – an ampule that eliminates static electricity in the hair, making it more easily manageable (NIS 29.90). The products do not contain chloride or parabens. Available only at Sacara stores around the country and online at
Good as gold
GaDe introduces a new mask in their successful Revivalist line. The new peel-off mask has a golden color and promises to add a glamorous glow to all skin types, while providing hydration and protection as well as calming of the skin and elimination of dark spots, evening of color and texture. The ingredients include pearl dust to add glow, white peony and Plumeria essence for the reduction of age spots and redness, and pro-vitamin B5 and magnolia essence for hydration and protection. NIS 89.90, available at pharmacies and beauty stores as well as online at
A way to relax
Stress, staying at home or demonstrating in the streets – life right now is full of stress and the researchers of Dr. Fischer believe that the best way to reduce stress is by paying attention to our bodies. New from the firm is a line of body creams – Effective Care – enriched with natural oils such as coconut, avocado, argan and cotton. According to the company’s research, investing in a few minutes of self-pampering every day is a sure way to reduce stress, and who are we to argue? The smells are great. NIS 24.90 for 450 ml.
La Vie en Rose
Mistral Gin, the first dry gin rose from Provence, has landed in Israel and it is the perfect gin for your summer cocktails. Blending together the tradition of gin with herbs of Provence, it aims to summarize the region’s famous herbs with a premium gin. Sophisticatedly crafted, this gin is surprising with its fresh, distinctive flavors and lovely subtle pink color. Among the botanicals included in the formula are Provencal thyme, basil, fennel, mint, eucalyptus and grapefruit. Tasting notes: Spicy nose with juniper berries, iris and a touch of pomelo as well as fennel. This is a very fresh and refreshing drink that is excellent as a basis for many cocktails. Try this one: mix in a shaker 5 ml. mistral-gin, 2 ml. passion fruit syrup, 4 ml. lemon juice, 4 ml. pineapple juice. Shake and pour over crushed ice. NIS 119 for 700 ml., available at Tiv Taam and other stores.
Do you find it difficult these days to gather up enough energy to go through the day? Difficult times, they say, call for special measures, and I found some help with Blu energy drinks, which in normal times I don’t use. A favorite with younger crowds as a mixer with vodka, this drink is now available in a 700 ml. size and I have to confess that on days when I find it difficult collecting enough energy to get through my work and family chores I replace a cup of coffee with this drink and really feel the kick. Choose from Blu, Blu Day and Mojito flavors. NIS 7.
Smells clean
Specializing in products for shoes, Silver now introduces in Israel a new odor-reducing spray for shoes, which comes handy during the hot summer months. Suitable for use with all shoes, including sneakers, leather shoes, espadrilles and other, a quick sprinkle is enough to eliminate and avoid odors for a long time. Use as needed. NIS 24.90.
Sleep well
Soham textiles, a relatively new Israeli textile company, launched a new geometric collection for this summer. The collection offers white sheets with thin stripes or squares, as well as grey sheets and more. Soham sheets are all made from 100% Egyptian cotton of the best quality, offer 500 thread-count per inch, which makes them soft and velvety to the touch and each pattern is offered for six different mattress sizes. Used in boutique hotels, local shoppers enjoy the ability to return them at no cost if they’re not happy with the product. I love them! From NIS 299 for a set. Choose from the pretty designs at 
Tuna to go
Starkist Tuna adds new flavors to its To Go collection of salads. The new flavors, packed in personal plastic boxes with an attached folded fork, hold 80 grams of tasty tuna salads you need only open and eat. Great for lunch at your desk, the new flavors include tuna in olive oil with tomatoes and herbs, tuna in olive oil with chili and garlic and tuna in olive oil with lemon and thyme. With more than 20 grams of protein in each box, this is an excellent snack for people who exercise and go on trips. NIS 9.90