Take time to relax

Lean back, pour yourself a nice glass of French cognac, enjoy a relaxing eye mask or a quick shiatsu massage, or simply sip a rich cup of coffee with a tasty cookie.

Shopping cart (Illustrative) (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Shopping cart (Illustrative)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
For the IT girls
A relatively new American brand, Kat Burki, is a pioneering beauty brand, now imported to Israel exclusively by KISU (306 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv). The brand’s creator, Kat Burki, brought her innovative approach to the world of skincare in 2013. In just a few short years, the brand has gained a cult following that includes the world’s top makeup artists, models and “it girls.” According to the company’s statement, the products are “uniquely powered by cutting-edge nutritional science to deliver cold-processed, nutrient-dense formulations that are recognized as much for what they do contain as for what they don’t.” Every Kat Burki product, the statement asserts, “is packed with intelligently created Super Nutrient Complexes, and they are free of chemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances, gluten and unnecessary fillers such as water, silicone and alcohol, utilizing instead our trademarked signature blend, KB5™ Complex.”
We tested two of the products. The Vitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm repairs, renews and illuminates skin, using a reparative combination of 15% STAY C (vitamin C), camu camu berry, gotu kola and seven reparative cold-processed oils: coconut, sunflower, jojoba, rose hip seed, olive, avocado and cranberry seed. It helps repair the signs of aging. NIS 304. The second stage of the Kat Burki cleansing regimen is the Ocean Mineral Gel Cleanser. Infused with Ocean Mineral Complex, the skin cleanser contains a blend of more than 92 invigorating ocean minerals. The gel texture transforms into a gentle but effective lather that dissolves makeup, impurities and excess oil without compromising the skin’s protective barrier. NIS 225.
Both products are suitable for all skin types.
Calm down
These days, it seems, we could all use some calming, couldn’t we? American premium cosmetic company Dermalogica has introduced two new additions to its Ultra Calming collection – Calm Water and Barrier Defense Booster, both of which target sensitive, red skin. The two products work together on acute sensitive skin conditions.
The Calm Water gel provides moisture in cases of extreme dehydration, adding hyaluronic acid in a two-layer technology, as well as aloe vera, glycerin, cactus-fruit essences, apple vinegar and more. Rub between your palms to activate, then spread over face and neck. NIS 312.
The Barrier Defense Booster is a concentrated oil-based serum that calms the skin and adds hydration thanks to a unique formula that includes turmeric root and oats. Rub a few drops between your palms and apply, or combine with your moisturizing cream. NIS 476.
D e r m a l o g i c a products are available only at licensed beauticians, Isrotel spas and Holmes Place. To find a sales point near you, call 073-210-2030.
For tired eyes
Payot has launched new eye patches designed to render an instant lift to the area around the eyes. It is part of the company’s new line Perform Lift, which is intended for anti-fatigue, lifting express care with the company’s Acti-Lift complex. The product, Perform Lift Patch Yeux, comes in a box of 10 sachets, each with two patches, which provide immediate radiance to the eyes. The eyes appear lifted, smoothed and refreshed in a snap. Ingredients include seaweed, hyaluronic acids in the form of liposome, rejuvenating peptides, oats and Asian herbal essences. Use it on those occasions when you really want to look great.
NIS 159 for a box of 10 sachets.
A quick massage
A good massage to the back, shoulders and neck is not something I would ever say no to, especially after a long day at my desk. So testing the new shiatsu massaging pillow by Beurer from Telepharma was a real treat. The pillow, which is small enough to carry anywhere, provides deep, gentle massage with four moving rotors. The pillow has heat and light functions, and the strength can be adjusted. The cover is removable for washing. The product comes with a three-year warranty. Love it! NIS 349.90
Available at www.telepharma.co.il or by phone at 1-800-616-263.
Sculpt and strobe
Bourjois’s Sculpt Light Strobing Highlighter illuminates and visually sculpts facial features. The light, fluid gel formula is enriched with opalescent pigments. Its universal shade adapts to all skin tones. It should be applied after foundation. Using your fingertips, dab the gel onto your cheekbones and dark areas of the face, as well as the collarbone.
NIS 89. Available at pharmacies and beauty shops.
Long, lush lashes
Everyone we see on TV these days seems to be wearing false eyelashes. Well, we find the idea a bit too much but can still appreciate the effect. So here comes a mascara that may give a similar effect without the hassle. The new False Lash-X Fiber by L’Oréal Paris adds volume, a lot of it, thanks to the twophase applications. On one end there is a black primer that coats each eyelash, enhancing its volume. Phase two, the mascara itself, is rich in pigment and fiber for extending length. The result is long, thick-looking lashes in seconds. NIS 75
Color and contour
When it comes to makeup, especially primers, I believe in Smashbox Cosmetics. The makeup company started in a fashion photography studio, providing makeup artists with solutions. It became a leading makeup company, which provides professionals, as well as home users, with makeup solutions that really work. Their first successful product was the Photo-Finish Foundation. Now improving on the foundation, they introduced the Primer Stick Photo Finish, which can be carried in the handbag. It smooths the skin and reduces unwanted shine in a stroke. Apply to the T-zone with or without makeup for instant neutralization of shine. NIS 185.
Another bright idea from Smashbox experts is the new double-ended face-shaping stick, with a full-sized foundation on one side and a complementary soft contour shade on the other. The foundation side renders medium, buildable coverage with a natural clear finish. The soft contour side helps build dimension with a coordinated shade. It’s an all-in-one stick that gives you coverage and sculpting in a flash and will not spill in your makeup bag. A brilliant solution when traveling or on the go. Available in 16 shades.
NIS 189. Available at Smashbox stores and April stores.
Light coverage
Pupa has launched a new makeup compact, Pupa Active Light Cream Foundation, which promises to render a radiant finish. The makeup’s consistency is smooth and light to the touch, but it gives coverage that can be built up to full coverage, merging with the skin tone. The ingredients include vitamin E and SPF 20. For dry to normal skin. The foundation comes in five new shades.
NIS 89. Available at Super-Pharm.
Take a powder
Remember the days when a woman had to excuse herself to “powder her nose”? Well, it seems those days are not quite over yet. Max Factor has reintroduced Loose Powder, a transparent powder that gives a matte, velvety finish to the skin without clogging the pores or accentuating fine lines. The powder sets the makeup and doesn’t dry the skin. Suitable for all skin types.
NIS 39. Available at Super-Pharm.
Square but cool
The new Pillows cereal by Telma was well received at the office, especially by those who are still considered “kids.” The new version of the popular product, which I consider more as “something sweet to have with coffee” than a breakfast cereal, has 45% less sugar than the previous version, and the filling is nougat flavored. Lovely.
Raspberry cookies
Osem has added a new flavor to its line of Argaliot cookies. This time the filling is raspberry, a handsdown favorite.
Nuts about chocolate
Also by Osem are the new Kremugit cookies with nut cream filling. The chocolate nut cookies have been added to the company’s line of chocolate cream-filled cookies.
The craft of cognac
Cognac lovers may well be familiar with the House of Godet, which was established in 1782. Apparently, however, the house’s history in cognac making began even earlier. In 1588, King Henri IV of France gave the Godet family the first license to produce cognac. But the house itself was established 200 years later when they branded their cognac and started selling it across Europe and later in America as well. Several of the cognacs in the Godet collection are imported to Israel, and they are all kosher for Passover.
Cognac Godet VS is a four-year-old cognac with light and pleasant flavors of pudding. NIS 115.
Cognac Godet VSOP is a select VSOP, made from a blend of cognacs. The youngest of them is eight years old. The cognac won a gold medal in 2000. NIS 169.
Cognac Godet Gastronome is a fine champagne VSOP, made from a blend of cognacs, 14 years old and more. The cognac offers floral aromas with hints of dried fruit, spice and honey. NIS 360.
Cognac Godet XO Terre is Godet’s highlight. The Extra Ordinaire is made from a blend of cognacs 25 years old and more. It is for real cognac lovers, offering strong and dominant flavors of vanilla and prunes, with a long and robust finish. NIS 480.
Godet Antarctica comes from the innovative side of the house. The idea came to Edouard Godet when he was traveling in Antarctica and decided to produce a transparent cognac. The cognac is aged in 100-year-old barrels, which provide beautifully balanced aromas of spice and fruit. The old barrels render hints of caramel, chamomile and apricot. Drink it on the rocks or in a cognac martini. NIS 240.
Godet cognacs are available at wine and spirits stores.