Fidelity Home Warranty: 2024 Coverage Guide & Reviews

Explore our detailed guide on Fidelity Home Warranty and discover its plans and pricing to help you avoid unexpected costs for your home appliances and systems.

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Fidelity isn’t everywhere, but in 10 states, it’s a big deal. It’s the best home warranty for many, and we’re peeling back the layers to see why in our Fidelity Home Warranty review. We’ll navigate through the perks and drawbacks, seeking clarity on what Fidelity Home Warranty really brings to the table. Ready to get the lowdown?

Fidelity Home Warranty at a Glance

With over 40 years of experience, Fidelity Warranty has a fair amount of history behind it. The company promises a shield against sudden expenses of common home repairs and appliance breakdowns, which many use as an addition to home insurance. The prime selling point is the safety net you get for peace of mind, but let’s look at more pros and cons first.


  • An array of home systems and appliances covered
  • Four distinctive plans are available to choose from
  • Features tailored coverage options for users
  • Straightforward and easy to use


  • Limited coverage in just ten states 

Quick Verdict

Fidelity is a solid addition to home insurance and offers a comprehensive range of options. The company caters to different types of users through its plans, but we’ve seen mixed reviews regarding customer service. Still, Fidelity Warranty appeals to customers looking for a buffer against significant home repair costs.

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What Is Fidelity Home Warranty?

Fidelity is a company that offers warranty plans and charges monthly fees to repair or replace home systems and appliances covered by the contract. Think of it as a backup that helps manage expenses when appliances break down unexpectedly.

Fidelity Home Warranty Plans and Pricing

As noted, Fidelity Warranty features plans to fit different budgets, where pricing outlines the coverage you get. The basic price for an average single-family home ranges from $300 to $630, depending on coverage needs. You can get a free quote on the official website, where you detail your needs and get a quick estimate from the team.

What Fidelity Home Warranty Covers

We’ve already mentioned how Fidelity Warranty tailors its offerings to diverse needs, and below, we take a look at the levels of protection different plans offer:

  • Standard Plan: This baseline option provides basic coverage and covers fundamental home systems and appliances. It focuses on plumbing, electrical systems, and key kitchen appliances.
  • Comprehensive Plus Plan: This plan includes everything in the Standard Plan, plus additional items like home improvement installation options.
  • Enhanced Plan: As the name suggests, the Enhanced Plan further broadens coverage. It covers all of the above, as well as refrigerators, washers, and dryers. 
  • Enhanced Plus Plan: This plan encompasses all items in the Enhanced Plan and adds increased limits on certain appliances and systems.

What Fidelity Home Warranty Doesn’t Cover

No warranty coverage is all-encompassing, and it’s now time to look at what Fidelity does not cover. As per industry standards, the company does not cover systems with pre-existing problems, routine maintenance, outdoor items, or cosmetic defects

Furthermore, the elements listed below are excluded from all Fidelity plans:

  • Solar or geothermal-powered systems
  • Wood, pellet, or gas fireplaces
  • Ductwork compromised by water damage
  • Indoor grills or rotisserie setups
  • Malfunctioning or impaired door locks
  • Any instances of mold, decay, or fungal growth

Where Is Fidelity Home Warranty Available?

Fidelity Warranty is available in a select number of states, including:

  • Texas
  • Nevada
  • California 
  • Utah
  • Colorado
  • Washington
  • Arizona
  • Oregon
  • New Mexico
  • Idaho

Fidelity Home Warranty vs. Alternatives

Home warranty companies offer unique blends of coverage, cost, and customer service, which makes finding what best matches your needs a matter of patience and extensive research. If you’re looking for alternatives, here’s a comparison of Fidelity Warranty to major competitors. 

Fidelity Home Warranty vs. Choice Home Warranty

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(credit: PR)

While Fidelity excels in customizable coverage for high-end systems, Choice Home Warranty reviews say it has comprehensive, straightforward, and budget-friendly plans. Fidelity Home Warranty may work better for those seeking specific protection, while Choice's simplicity is ideal for first-time homeowners.

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Fidelity Home Warranty vs. American Home Shield Home Warranty

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(credit: PR)

American Home Shield’s ShieldPlatinum plan offers coverage up to $4,000 per appliance. They’re leading with innovative plans like the Electronics Protection Plan, which covers gadgets regardless of age. This plan includes power surge protection and mechanical failure coverage.

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Fidelity Home Warranty vs. First American Home Warranty

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(credit: PR)

First American Home Warranty delivers coverage up to $3,500 per appliance, with budget-friendly service fees. 

  • The Starter Plan, priced from $35 to $60 monthly, safeguards a wide array of home systems and appliances. 
  • For $50 to $75 a month, the Essential Plan expands protection to include air conditioning and laundry equipment.
  • The Premium Plan, which costs $65 to $85 monthly, offers extensive protection. It covers luxury appliances and more, up to a $7,000 limit per appliance.

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Fidelity Home Warranty vs. First Premier Home Warranty

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(credit: PR)

First Premier Home Warranty stands out for its affordable monthly payments and a wide range of add-ons tailored to the perfect home warranty plan. They’ve carved a niche in the HVAC and appliance sector for over 30 years and have been rolling out wallet-friendly warranty choices since 2020. 

What’s more? Quick claim responses and discounts for advance payments make them even more attractive.

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Fidelity Home Warranty vs. Cinch Home Services

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(credit: PR)

Fidelity offers customizable plans for specific coverage needs. Cinch, on the other hand, features bundled services and better smart home technology protection. Both boast an easy claims process and solid contractor networks, so deciding between the two may depend on the innovative tech support you seek.

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Real Customer Fidelity Home Warranty Reviews 

Looking into Fidelity Warranty reviews from sites like Reddit gives a snapshot of customer satisfaction, with varying experiences reported on customer services. However, reviews often highlight the ease of making claims, the coverage options, and the quality of repairs.

Claim Response Time

Customers have reported efficient claim processing with Fidelity Home Warranty. 

One customer highlighted a smooth experience with their AC motor repair, noting the quick assignment of a local company to handle the job after paying an $85 deductible. Another customer was pleased with the appliance replacements provided by Fidelity, emphasizing the prompt reimbursement for repairs.

On the flip side, some customers reported facing delays. 

One customer reported having waited 8 days for a vendor to assess their air conditioning unit, and another reported having waited 10 days without any progress on the work order. Additionally, there was a 6-day delay in reviewing the vendor’s report, which caused frustration due to the lack of timely communication.

Customer Service and Claims

First-time homeowners expressed satisfaction with Fidelity’s service, finding the $75 fee reasonable and the repairs or replacements provided worthwhile. Another customer appreciated the value they received from Fidelity, stating that they got more than their money’s worth and planned to renew their service.

However, customer service experiences have not always been positive. Long hold times and unprofessional conduct were reported, including a 3.5-hour wait on hold and a representative who was perceived as giving attitude instead of assistance. 

Another customer received a dismissive response when inquiring about their cooktop repair, adding to the dissatisfaction with the customer service. >>Check Fidelity Home Warranty prices here

FAQs About Fidelity Home Warranty

Here, we unpack some of the most common inquiries about Fidelity Warranty, providing insight to help you make simpler decisions and get the most out of your warranty.

How Can I Get a Quote From Fidelity National Home Warranty?

Visit the official website and fill out the quote request form. Provide basic information about your home, like its location and size, and Fidelity will provide you with a detailed quote tailored to your needs. 

Is There a Service Guarantee With Fidelity?

Yes. After a repair is made under your warranty, the workmanship is guaranteed for a period listed in your contract. If the issue reoccurs within this timeframe, Fidelity will address it without an additional fee.

Is Fidelity National Home Warranty Worth It?

This will hinge on your needs and expectations. Fidelity certainly offers peace of mind and financial protection against unexpected repair costs, so it can be a worthwhile investment. However, you must consider your budget, your home’s age, and the likelihood that you will need repairs during the contract.

How Do I Submit a Claim With Fidelity Home Warranty?

You can file a claim through Fidelity’s website or over the phone. You will need to provide details about the issue, and the company will coordinate with a local service technician to schedule a visit.

How Reliable Is Fidelity Home Warranty?

Fidelity Warranty is known for its reliability in covering home repairs and replacements. While there are occasional reports of delays, its network of vetted service technicians has a track record of addressing claims efficiently. Many homeowners thus find Fidelity a dependable choice for home warranty coverage.

Is Fidelity a Good Home Warranty?

Fidelity is considered one of the best home warranty companies for its comprehensive coverage and flexible plans. It scores points for covering a wide variety of systems and appliances and offering different plans to suit varying needs. However, it’s good to note that customer satisfaction does vary across the user opinions we reviewed.

What Does My Fidelity Home Warranty Cover?

Fidelity Warranty covers a range of major home systems and appliances, including heating, electrical, plumbing systems, and kitchen appliances. The exact coverage depends on the plan you choose, with options to add additional coverage for items like pools or secondary refrigerators. 

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Who Owns Fidelity Home Warranty?

Fidelity Warranty is part of Fidelity National Financial, which is among the leading providers of title insurance and transaction services to the real estate and mortgage industries. As a subsidiary, Fidelity Warranty thus benefits from strong backing.

Can I Cancel Fidelity Home Warranty?

Yes, you can cancel your Fidelity Warranty. If you decide to do so within the first 30 days of your contract with no claims filed, you're typically entitled to a full refund. You can still cancel afterward, but you may be subject to a cancellation fee and a prorated refund based on the time remaining on your contract.

Bottom Line on Fidelity Home Warranty

Fidelity Warranty crafts tailored protection plans to take the sting out of surprise expenses—flexibility that’s got users hooked. 

Get a free quote today; it’s your ticket to weighing up the costs and coverage to see if it’s the perfect fit. 

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