Naval commandos kill Gazan frogmen

Four killed on way to "large scale attack."

IDF soldiers at Gaza border 311 (photo credit: Associated Press)
IDF soldiers at Gaza border 311
(photo credit: Associated Press)
Commandos from the Israel Navy’s Flotilla (Shayetet) 13 on Monday shot and killed at least four Palestinian frogmen who were swimming out of Gaza on their way to attack targets in Israel.
According to the IDF, the commandos had received prior intelligence regarding a possible infiltration and were in the area when they spotted the frogmen swimming out of Nahal Aza into the Mediterranean Sea.
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The Palestinians were carrying waterproof packages believed to be filled with weaponry. The troops opened fire after calls to stop were ignored, and four terrorists were killed in the ensuing gunfight. Another Palestinian, who was on a nearby boat guiding the divers, was reportedly wounded.
The IDF said the size of the unit and equipment it was carrying proved that a large attack had been thwarted. The navy refused on Monday to disclose what was in the waterproof packages.
Based on the way the frogmen were swimming, as well as the diving equipment they used, they likely had undergone extensive training for the operation.
Later in the day, the Israel Air Force bombed a terrorist cell in the northern Gaza Strip that was preparing to fire rockets into Israel.
The IDF has said it holds Hamas responsible for all terrorist activity in Gaza.