IsraelB –bringing Israel to your doorstep

IsraelB is an online community that seeks to create a connection between people as well as an index of events happening in Israel and in the wider Jewish world.

Benjy Singer (standing) leads an IsraelB workshop on using social media to promote your business online (photo credit: SHARON MARKS ALTSHUL)
Benjy Singer (standing) leads an IsraelB workshop on using social media to promote your business online
(photo credit: SHARON MARKS ALTSHUL)
These days there is so much information online that it is hard to follow it all, and the same is no less true when it comes to information about social events and news in Israel and the Jewish world.
IsraelB (Turning Israel into your Bayit) is an online community that uses a website and social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, to inform Jews in Israel and international Jewish communities of events occurring in Israel and the wider Jewish world. IsraelB was started by English-born Jerusalem resident Benjy Singer in March 2014. It started as a Facebook page but over time expanded to a website, a newsletter, eight Facebook groups and a Twitter account.
IsraelB is a useful resource for both immigrants and those born in Israel, as it provides them with up-to-date and accurate information on a variety of topics ranging from cultural, social and religious events, to jobs, rentals and contemporary affairs in Israel and the Jewish world.
While IsraelB has grown exponentially with over 40,000 users a month, Singer is not resting on his laurels, and IsraelB is in the process of expanding through IsraelB Global to connect communities abroad, particularly in the UK, with Israel.
The website is updated on a regular basis with event listings and original content on topics relating to the weekly Torah portion or upcoming festivals for families to discuss around the table. Singer takes great pride and pleasure in the service he provides, saying that “a connected Jew is a happy Jew. The aim of IsraelB is to connect Jews with each other and with their communities and Israel.”
Although the website and the Facebook groups have grown significantly, Singer endeavors to ensure IsraelB retains its intimate and community feel, with a focus on sharing community news, such as engagements, weddings and birthdays. The site also places great emphasis on listing activities for singles and retirees looking for new and varied things to do and, of course, to meet new people.
The IsraelB site is user-friendly, simple and clear in its design and navigation with separate tags for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, topics such as community, dating and marriage, and the “Highlights of the week” section with easy-to-access information and links.
The newsletter is concise and informative while being easy to read and navigate with clear titles and links to the different sections with a summary of weekly events divided by days.
So, if you’re looking to stay informed about what’s going on in Israel and the Jewish world, are looking to enhance your social calendar or receive some Jewish inspiration, check out IsraelB at, on Facebook as IsraelB – Global and on Twitter as IsraelB, and bring Israel into your home.