Abu Ghraib officer: I'm an innocent scapegoat

Army Lt. Col. Steven L. Jordan, the only officer charged with crimes in the Abu Ghraib prisoner-abuse scandal that shocked the world, has told a newspaper he is an innocent scapegoat. Jordan, 51, of Fredericksburg, Virginia, is scheduled for a court-martial Aug. 20 at Fort Meade, Maryland, on six counts, including cruelty and maltreatment of detainees, for which he could receive 16 1/2 years in prison. He doesn't appear in any of the infamous photographs of detainee abuse that emerged from Abu Ghraib prison nearly 3 1/2 years ago, but investigators and military officials contend Jordan is a liar who failed to stop lower-ranking soldiers from stripping prisoners and threatening them with dogs. "I'm not guilty of anything to do with Abu Ghraib, and I'm tired of it," Jordan told The Washington Post for a story published Tuesday