Alibaba to have new shipping route to Israel

This will be done in preparetion to "Singles day" a Chinese holiday much akin to Black Friday

A screenshot from AliExpress (photo credit: ALIEXPRESS)
A screenshot from AliExpress
(photo credit: ALIEXPRESS)
Israel is one of Jack Ma’s Chinese-based e-commerce giant Alibaba Group's biggest markets.
As such, one of its subsidiaries, AliExpress, is preparing a special shipping route that will make it easier for them to sell products throughout the area.
This new shipping method, which involves another subsidiary of Alibaba, will help cut down shipping time from over a month to just over two weeks.
however, this will be more expensive than the current shipping method, given it no longer uses the free shipping option of China's postal service.
Alibaba said they would heavily encourage the new methods use to sellers when shipping to the area, despite the higher costs.
In December 2018, the Alibaba Group made a strategic investment in Tel Aviv-based public transit optimization start-up Optibus, and since 2016 has also invested in cloud-connected dashcam developer Nexar, advanced GPU data warehouse providers SQream Technologies, augmented-reality company Lumus and e-commerce search engine firm Twiggle.

Eytan Halon contributed to this report.