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US election mail-in voting ballot (illustrative)

USPS boosts extra trips, returns 137 mail processing machines to service

On Thursday, USPS said it had delivered more than 100 million blank or completed ballots since early September.

Mail-in ballots are processed and counted for the upcoming presidential election in Denver, Colorado

Penn. Supreme Court: signatures don't have to match for vote to count

The Trump campaign had challenged an apparent loophole in the law.

Austria prints a postage stamp to remember COVID-19 by, on toilet paper

The 2.75 euro "corona stamp" comes in sheets 10 cm wide, or a tenth of the 1 meter that the government advises members of the public to keep apart from each other.

A resident drops off a mail-in ballot during the special election for Maryland's 7th congressional d

Postal workers accused of interfering with US election mail-in ballots

A Kentucky postal employee was fired after investigators said that more than 100 mail-in ballots were dumped. Collection boxes were ransacked outside of six Virginia post offices.

Mail box

A call to regulate private courier companies

The problem is the almost total lack of supervision over these companies, which do more or less as they please, frequently leaving us as customers totally helpless when problems emerge.


Envelope of deadly poison addressed to White House intercepted

Ricin is found naturally in castor beans but it takes a deliberate act to convert it into a biological weapon.


US judge temporarily blocks 'politically motivated' USPS changes

"The states have demonstrated that the defendants are involved in a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the postal service."


Congresswoman denied access to mailing facility, hints at electoral fraud

“If DeJoy thinks he can just throw a bed sheet over what’s going on behind these doors, he is sadly mistaken. It looked like the post master had something to hide.”

A resident drops off a mail-in ballot during the special election for Maryland's 7th congressional d

Trump campaign sues Democratic Montana governor to limit mail-in voting

The Trump campaign has also taken legal action to block mail-in voting procedures in Nevada and New Jersey. Election experts have said there is scant evidence of fraudulent postal voting in the past.

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