What are Israel's Ukrainian refugees most in need of today? - interview

Emunah Spira, a graduate of TAU’s International MA program in Migration Studies, works closely with Ukrainian refugee in the midst of the crisis.


Emunah Spira Israel MA program in Migration Studies
 photo credit: COURTESY


Thursday, May 12, 17:00 Israel time

Emunah Spira’s MA degree in Migration Studies from Tel Aviv University has served as the ideal foundation for her current position as head of research and information at the Center for International Migration and Integration, an independent not-for-profit organization established by JDC Israel.

Emunah explains that the Center is currently quite active during the Ukrainian crisis and is working with the Ministry of Welfare and JDC Israel to find ways to directly assist Ukrainian refugees who are not eligible for aliyah, according to the Law of Return. She adds that many of the refugees are primarily women and children, and the Center is working to find suitable employment for the mothers and educational solutions for their children.

Emunah says that she found out about the job opportunity at CIMI during her internship period, when TAU arranges for students to meet with companies. “My internship was actually not with CIMI,” she says, “but this is how I heard of them. When I saw that they were hiring, I definitely knew that their mission was something that I wanted to be a part of.”

The TAU International master’s program in Migration Studies provided Emunah with the tools she needed to do her vital work at the Center for International Migration and Integration. “It gave me a variety of tools to work with migrant workers, refugees, and asylum seekers,” says Emunah, “and these are all populations that I work with daily. So it was really taking these tools that I was given – theoretical and practical tools  – and implementing them in my day-to-day job. At TAU, I was also given research tools, which is what I do now. I conduct research, and I touch on a broad variety of subjects.”

Emunah adds she works with governmental organizations, migrant workers, refugees and local authorities, learning about these actors and how they influence the current situation. “This is definitely something that I felt confident doing after going through the MA program in Migration Studies at TAU.”