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OMAD Shakur of Sudan shares his experiences in ‘Illegal Human Being’ in south Tel Aviv

The legacy of refugees through art and culture

Today, with refugees flooding in to so many countries, this accolade to a refugee legacy is particularly poignant.

Retirement home

COVID-19 has shown up the worst and the best in society - opinion

One of the few good things to come out of COVID-19 is that it has delayed the deportation of refugees. Some are being trained to work in retirement homes instead.

An African migrant sits near the Old Central Bus Station in south Tel Aviv, Israel February 3, 2020

Coronavirus: How are asylum seekers and foreign workers in Israel coping?

Asylum seekers are going through difficulties in terms of economic stability, access to health insurance and general fear related to the coronavirus outbreak.

Monica Joseph's modeling page on YuliGroup

Foreign-born model in Israel fears deportation

She still gets scared when she sees police, fearing “a situation where they’ll say, ‘Give me your identity card.’”

Eritrean refugees hold placards during a demonstration in support of a recent U.N. report that accus

World Refugee Day: Israel's contested refugee population

Most of the African asylum seekers in Israel are Eritrean and Sudanese, who illegally crossed into Israel through its border with Egypt.

A boy takes part in a protest against the Israeli government's plan to deport African migrants, in T

NGO: State must protect rights of migrant mothers, children

Currently, many of the complaints regarding mistreatment of migrants in detention are serious, but the volume of those facing these issues are smaller than in the recent past.

Refugees in Israel

African refugees face daily struggles in Israel - mini-documentary

One of the biggest challenges the young refugees encounter is fulfilling their desire to obtain a higher education and integrate into Israeli society.

SEAN MONGOZA, Hani Furstenberg and Mali Levi star in 'Asylum City'

New Israeli show tackles African refugees, crime and murder

Yes series 'Asylum City,' set in south Tel Aviv, brought drama and suspense to headline events.

YEMENITE JEWS living in an absorption camp in Israel in 1950

Why is the story of the Jewish refugees so little known?

The question of Arab and Islamist anti-Jewish hatred goes to the heart of the conflict with Israel. So why have Jewish refugees been so neglected?

Reuven Rivlin

The untold stories of the Middle East’s Jewish refugees

I am just one of 850,000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands and Iran who left, fled, or were expelled from the countries where they had lived, in many cases since the Babylonian period.

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