10 European cities you must visit this fall

Explore enchanting European cities during the autumn season, offering pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

The autumn season is perfect for traveling around European cities with great weather and a much smaller number of tourists compared to the summer.

Unlike the big cities, this season is also a great opportunity to get to know less-known places on the continent. For this purpose, we have compiled for you 10 small and particularly surprising cities that you must visit this fall.

Salzburg, Austria

This famous city is renowned for being the birthplace of Mozart and serving as the backdrop for the movie "The Sound of Music." Nestled on the border with Germany, Salzburg boasts well-preserved ancient buildings that transport you back 400 years.

Szczecin, Poland

As Poland's seventh-largest city, Szczecin sits on the Polish-German border, featuring a bustling harbor and a river. It's a beloved destination for both German tourists and locals. The city stands out with its unique architecture and local beer and vodka production.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Despite being one of the smallest capital cities in Europe, nestled in one of the continent's tiniest countries, Luxembourg City is often referred to as the "Gibraltar of the North" due to its abundance of medieval buildings and castles. The city offers an impressive ancient core and breathtaking vistas that extend across the country.

Pula, Croatia

Located not far from the Italian border, Pula boasts a rich history adorned with Roman ruins, as well as a vibrant wine and fishing scene. This picturesque port city exudes historical charm and stands as a gem on the Adriatic Sea.

Bruges, Belgium

Situated in northern Belgium, Bruges has preserved its medieval old town since the Middle Ages. Upon arrival, you'll be captivated by the city's orderly streets, colorful facades, winding cobblestone paths, picturesque canals, and an iconic bell tower that symbolizes Bruges.

Credit: IngImage
Credit: IngImage

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

This tiny country sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria is steeped in history. Vaduz, the capital, is home to just over 5,000 residents. Beyond the city, you can explore the country's Alpine-like mountains, boasting beauty and attractions reminiscent of neighboring Alps.

Credit: IngImage
Credit: IngImage

Lausanne, Switzerland

Nestled on the northern banks of Lake Geneva, Lausanne is renowned as one of Switzerland's most beautiful cities. The surrounding region is famous for its local wine production, culinary delights, and stunning natural landscapes. Lausanne boasts numerous palaces and historic edifices, making it an ideal base for day trips to nearby destinations.

Bratislava, Slovakia

While many travelers consider visiting Vienna, neighboring Bratislava often remains undiscovered. Slovakia's capital is the cultural heart of this highly regarded European country. Crossed by a river, Bratislava boasts picturesque charm, affordability, and a captivating array of historic landmarks.

Tallinn, Estonia

Credit: IngImage
Credit: IngImage

Situated near the southern shores of the Gulf of Finland, Tallinn may be less famous than its Baltic counterparts, but it's often hailed as one of Europe's most cultured, developed, and progressive cities. With a picturesque charm akin to its southern neighbors, Tallinn's beauty is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Caceres, Spain

Not far from the Portuguese border, Caceres is a captivating blend of cultures. Founded by the Romans, the city now features medieval streets, Renaissance palaces, and impressive walls. Its old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the entire city is a paradise for food enthusiasts, having been named the gastronomy capital of Spain in 2015.