Bush: Hizbullah is a state within a state

US President George Bush addressed the public in a press conference at the White House Monday afternoon. Bush vowed to assist in every way in order to make the (cease-fire) mission a success. The US will send a total of 230 million dollars to aid Lebanese relief following the war. "Our nation is wasting no time in helping the people of Lebanon," the president said. He believed that an international force will help give displaced residents confidence to return to their homes. Regarding Iraq, Bush claimed that is an interest of the US to help re-stabilize the country and to eradicate Al-Qaida. Bush reminded the public that the UN calls for Iran to stop developing nuclear weapons. The president said that the situation between Lebanon and Israel occurred because a "state within a state launched attacks at a democratic country against the orders of the (Lebanese) government." Bush renewed his call for the need to bring in an international force as soon as possible.