Castro says feeling fine in call to radio program

Cuban leader Fidel Castro called in to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's radio talk show on Tuesday to say he felt well and ask for calm, saying that Cuba was running smoothly without him at the helm. "I feel good and I'm happy," Castro said in a phone call to Chavez's weekday radio program, "Hello, President." Fidel Castro transferred control of Cuba's government to his brother Raul after undergoing intestinal surgery in July and dropped out of public view, fueling speculation about his condition. Castro thanked Chavez for spreading news about his recuperation and complained that his supporters have "the habit, the vice of getting news daily." "I can't promise that I'll go over there soon, but, yes, I'm gaining ground. I feel more energetic, stronger," he said. "But I ask for patience, calm ... the country is marching along which is what is important."