Former Guantanamo Prisoner Alleges Torture

Opposition lawmakers Sunday called for a judicial inquiry into claims that British intelligence agents participated in the "extraordinary rendition" and torture of a British resident who was held in US custody at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and other locations for nearly seven years. The allegations were made by Binyam Mohamed, 30, in a newspaper interview Sunday in which he told his story publicly for the first time. Mohamed, who was released without charges last month, said the British government actively cooperated with US officials in his rendition and torture despite its repeated denials. Mohamed told the Mail on Sunday newspaper that during 18 months of CIA-controlled captivity in Morocco, when his captors repeatedly sliced his chest and penis with a scalpel, interrogators questioned him about photos and information contained in British intelligence files they showed to him. Mohamed also supplied the newspaper details of two telegrams, which he obtained through a US lawsuit filed by his lawyers, allegedly sent from British intelligence officials to the CIA proposing questions that should be asked of Mohamed.