IKEA faces outrage after using a slogan with links to Nazi camps

While the original quote comes from Greek and Roman times, its use in Nazi camps is problematic.

New IKEA opens in Kiryat Ata (photo credit: GLOBES)
New IKEA opens in Kiryat Ata
(photo credit: GLOBES)
IKEA, the world leading ready-to-assemble home products mega store, is finding itself in hot water after using the new campaign slogan "Suum cuique" which translates from Latin as "to each his own."
This brought reactions of outrage from Russia, because of the connection to Nazi concentration camps. The German version of this sentence, “Jedem das Seine” was present on the gates of Buchenwald, the infamous camp near Weimar, where more than 56,000 prisoners from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe were killed during the war.
The original sentence goes back to the days of the Greeks and Romans, where it refered to the idea of justice: everyone is minding their own business and not interfering with that of others, and everyone doing all they can for their country in accordance with their abilities.
Other companies in the past have used this slogan for various campaigns, all of which having received similar backlash and removing the slogan afterwards. Usually they've maintained that they were unaware of the saying's full history.