Indonesia slams Dutch film critical of Islam

Mostly Muslim Indonesia has strongly condemned a film by a Dutch lawmaker that is critical of Islam, saying Friday that it was misleading and would hurt efforts at interfaith dialogue. Anti-immigration politician Geert Wilders released the film over the Internet late Thursday after publicizing its release for months. The Dutch government had warned Wilders that the film could spark a violent backlash in the Islamic world similar to the one that occurred two years ago following publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. "We consider the contents of the film to be misleading and full of racism," said Indonesia's Foreign Ministry spokesman Kristiarto Legowo. "We also consider the production of the film an irresponsible action done under the blanket of freedom of the press." The 15-minute film intersperses verses from the Quran that apparently condone attacks on non-Muslims with bloody scenes of recent terrorist attacks and hateful speeches by extremists.