Internet hate site creator gets 6 months in jail

Human rights advocates said Wednesday a judge was too lenient when he sentenced a man to six months in jail for the willful promotion of hatred on the Internet. Quebec Court Judge Martin Vauclair on Tuesday called Jean-Sebastien Presseault "vile" and "nauseating" for building and managing a Web site promoting the genocide of blacks and Jews and featuring racist and anti-Semitic songs and games. Presseault's Web site, which was created on a US server, has since been removed. Presseault, 30, had just finished serving another stint in jail for threatening a judge. The ruling disappointed prosecutor Thierry Nadon, who had sought a one-year term to dissuade others from fomenting hatred. "It's too lenient, with good behavior it can be reduced to a sixth of his sentence," said Moise Moghrabi of B'Nai Brith's League of Human Rights, a Jewish group. "Hatemongers find that (the Internet) is a fantastic tool to spread hatred and blanket the world."