Iran: We haven't seen reported nuclear compromise

Iran's top nuclear negotiator said Friday his country had not received a compromise proposal that Western states have reportedly agreed on, but he indicated he did not like the sound of it. "No proposal has been given to us yet," state television quoted Ali Larijani as saying. Officials and diplomats in Vienna said Thursday that the United States and Europe had agreed on a compromise to accept expanded nuclear activities by Iran, but only if the uranium enrichment is moved to Russia. The officials and diplomats, who insisted on anonymity, said the plan would allow Iran to continue converting raw uranium into the gas that is used in the enrichment process. But the actual enrichment would take place in Russia. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice denied Friday that such a compromise had been reached. During a surprise trip to Iraq, Rice told reporters: "There is no US-European proposal to the Iranians ... There isn't and there won't be."