JPost US Elections Democratic Panel: Martin Peretz and Sheldon Schorer

Martin Peretz, New Republic Editor-In-Chief [ Biography ]
An articulate faker Jesse Jackson may say that he is supporting Barack Obama for president. But, whatever he says, truth is that he is not. There are reasons why there are so few Jewish Republicans Although McCain is civilized, educated and a real friend of Israel, his camp is ignorant and biased. Not what leaders are made of What is most frightening about Sarah Palin is that she might become president of the United States. But this is especially frightening because she is an ignoramus. More than just a 'friend of Israel' We have many friends. But what we do not have is many such allies, formidable, expert, truly passionate like Joe Biden.
Sheldon Schorer, Counsel to Democrats Abroad Israel [ Biography ]
Right of Reply: Republican propagandists go off the deep end Instead of dealing with the real issues outlined above, they made emotionally charged and totally false accusations that the Democrats have aligned their interests with the despised Ahmadinejad. The Conventions Are the Conventions worth watching? The answer is - for anyone concerned with the direction that America will take - a decided yes. What to do about Iran Obama's approach is negotiations without preconditions in order to achieve a new global strategy of peace. Malik, Barack and the "Sh'ma" Here then is a challenge to any honest person who wishes to truly understand the nature and character of the two candidates, and thus to vote properly. When Obama and McCain next speak or debate each other - close your eyes and open your ears. Pastorgate Redux The Republican Party has to take the low road: To seek advantage by disparaging the Democratic candidate. Time for a quiz Did you pay attention during the course of this campaign season? The decisive issue Obama's pastor row provided ironic gloss to Martin Luther King's vision. The Republican propaganda machine Blemish integrity of Democratic opponents by rumor and innuendo is the strategy. A Democratic year It's almost certain that superdelegates will decide the nomination at the convention. The race heats up What is motivating the American voter to identify with the Democratic Party in such increasing numbers? Clearly it is both an attraction and repulsion. Bush's disturbing visit The president's actions, policies are key bellwethers for coming election. Bush: Strike three, you're out Bush failed to achieve his objectives of leaving Middle East in better shape than he found it. To fellow Americans in Israel: Vote! Americans residing abroad also have special interests that are unique to their situation of being resident abroad.