JPost US Elections Panel: Sheldon Schorer

Sheldon Schorer, Counsel to Democrats Abroad Israel [ Biography ]
The decisive issue Recent flap over racial attitudes of Obama's pastor provided ironic gloss to Martin Luther King's vision. The Republican propaganda machine Now that Obama's candidacy is more serious, Republican propaganda machine is using tactics that are trademark Republican: to blemish integrity of Democratic opponents by rumor and innuendo. Video: Excitement in the air Democrats in Israel have doubled their numbers in the past year alone. A Democratic year It's almost certain that superdelegates will decide the nomination at the convention. The race heats up What is motivating the American voter to identify with the Democratic Party in such increasing numbers? Clearly it is both an attraction and repulsion. Bush's disturbing visit President's actions, policies are key bellwethers for coming election, particularly for Republican candidates. Strike three, you're out Bush failed to achieve his objectives of leaving Middle East in better shape than he found it. To fellow Americans in Israel: Vote! Americans residing abroad also have special interests that are unique to their situation of being resident abroad.