Kenya police kill 20 Mungiki sect members

Kenyan police stormed a Nairobi slum searching for members of a shadowy religious sect accused of beheading its victims, killing 22 suspects and arresting 100 during overnight gunbattles, officials said. The Mungiki members were shot over about eight hours between Monday night and early Tuesday, police said. Authorities were on a manhunt following Monday's shooting deaths of two police officers, believed to be the work of Mungiki. "The police mounted an operation to crack down on those who were behind the killing," police spokesman Eric Kiraithe told The Associated Press on Tuesday. More than 100 people tried to obstruct the operation and a shootout broke out, he said. Mungiki, which has been outlawed since 2002, is suspected in the deaths of at least 18 people in the past three months, including 10 people found mutilated or beheaded since May. The latest beheadings were overnight, the same time as the gunbattles in Nairobi, in Muranga, 40 miles (65 kilometers) north of the capital, police said.