Khamenei pledges to stand with Lebanon

Iran's top leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday praised Hizbullah and vowed Iran will stand with Lebanon in the fight against Israel. "Iran ... will stand by all the oppressed nations especially the dear people of Lebanon and the combatant Palestinian nation," he said in remarks broadcast on state-run television. Khamenei said the Israeli attacks will revive the spirit of resistance in the Islamic world. "The behavior and the aggressive nature of America and Israel will revive the spirit of resistance more than before in the Islamic world and will further demonstrate the value of Jihad (holy war)," he said. He also called on Mideast nations to unite against Israel and said the US and Britain were accomplices in the Israeli attacks against civilian targets in Lebanon. "The world of Islam and Muslim youth in all Islamic countries must know that the way to confront the wild wolf of Zionism (Israel) and aggression by the Great Satan (US) is nothing but resistance. Surrender to the adventurist and seditionist America will add to their greed and impudence and will make things worse for nations," Khamenei said. "Regional nations and Islamic factions and followers of other religions in Lebanon and all Islamic countries should join hands, unite and not allow divisions to strengthen the enemy," he said.