Mexico: 2 suspects arrested in the murder of Israelis

Moises, Sapir Aruh's driver, his nephew are suspected of murdering the two; authorities suspect the killers were upset with how Aruh treated them.

311_Moises Aruh (photo credit: Courtesy)
311_Moises Aruh
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Authorities in Mexico announced Friday morning that they have arrested suspects in the murder of two Israeli's in the country in October, Army Radio reported.
The suspects in the murder of Moises and Sapir Aruh are the two's driver and his nephew, according to Army Radio. According to suspicions, the family's driver was not content with the treatment he received from Aruh, and decided to take his life. Authorities are also investigating whether someone else called for the murder.
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Moises, 60, and his daughter Sapir, 24, were found dead by a family member who broke down the door after nobody answered at the home for over a day.
There has been speculation in Israeli media that the killings were somehow related to another of Aruh’s daughters, whose undercover police work recently helped bring down an Israeli drug ring.
The double homicide came as a shock to Mexico City’s 40,000-strong Jewish community, which is usually spared the worst manifestations of the drug-related crime afflicting the country.