Moscow slams UN for nixing Milosevic care in Russia

The Russian Foreign Ministry Saturday implicitly criticized the UN war crimes tribunal for refusing permission for former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic to receive treatment at a Moscow heart clinic. Milosevic, who was found dead in his cell at a UN prison near The Hague on Saturday, had asked the tribunal to be released temporarily to go to Moscow for treatment. The tribunal rejected the request, despite assurances from the Russian government that Milosevic would be sent back to The Hague. The tribunal feared he would not return to complete his trial. "As is well known, Milosevic in connection with his worsening health requested medical treatment in Russia," a ministry statement said. "Unfortunately, despite our guarantees, the tribunal did not agree to provide Milosevic the possibility of treatment in Russia," the ministry said. It added that Russia expected to be informed about the circumstances of Milosevic's death.