Muller: 'Russians are distributing my information'

A court filing indicates that non-public records were disseminated on Twitter.

Robert Mueller (photo credit: REUTERS)
Robert Mueller
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Special counsel Robert Mueller has charged that the Russians are releasing secret information from the investigation he is conducting in order to harm it.
In a statement to the court, Muller argued that lawyers for some of the suspects against whom indictments were filed leaked secret evidence from the investigation, distorted it and distributed it on social networks. 
While it is common practice to share evidence and documents between prosecutors and defense, a court filing indicates that the shared files were disseminated on Twitter. 
A team had reviewed the files and determined that around 1,000 files out of 300,000 available matched non-public evidence that had been provided. 
Mueller’s team has charged dozens of Russian individuals or entities for attempting to influence the 2016 presidential election, primarily through hacking Democratic Party email systems.
The most recent filing argued that attorneys for Concord Management should not be given access to “sensitive” evidence gathered for the case.
Concord was among 13 Russian entities or people to be charged in connection with the investigation.