Muslim graves desecrated in Denmark

Denmark has already withdrawn embassy staff from Syria, Iran and Indonesia.

danish embassy 298.88 (photo credit: Associated Press)
danish embassy 298.88
(photo credit: Associated Press)
Adding more fuel to an already intense global fire, twenty-five Muslim graves were desecrated in a Danish cemetery early on Monday. Some gravestones were moved, while others were smashed.
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In the mixed Muslim and Christian cemetery, only Muslim graves were damaged. On Sunday Denmark decided to withdraw its consular staff from Indonesia amid outrage there over the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Denmark has already withdrawn embassy staff from Syria and Iran. Anger has been mounting in Muslim countries over caricatures of the prophet, which were first published in a Danish newspaper in September, then reprinted in European papers in recent weeks in the name of press freedom. One showed the prophet with a bomb-shaped turban. Denmark had also urged all citizens to leave Indonesia, citing credible information that Danes are at risk from an "extremist group," a threat that following the latest incident in Denmark was more relevant than ever. Over the past week and a half there have been violent protests of the caricatures throughout the Muslim world. In Afghanistan four demonstrators were killed during protests last week, while in Beirut the Danish embassy was set on fire.