Neo-Nazi US soldier pleads guilty to sharing guide to making explosives

Smith was associated with the Feuekrieg Division, a Neo-Nazi organization, but also expressed admiration for other Neo-Nazi groups like the Atomwaffen Division and the Misanthropic Division.

German Neo-nazi (photo credit: REUTERS)
German Neo-nazi
(photo credit: REUTERS)

Jarrett William Smith, a US Army Specialist, pleaded guilty to two counts of distributing instructions for making explosives on February 10, 2020, according to a Department of Justice press release.

Smith was arrested on September 21, 2019, while on active duty at Ft. Riley in Kansas City, Kansas. He was charged specifically with distributing information related to explosives and weapons of mass destruction online. 

According to the ADL, Smith was associated with the Feuekrieg Division, a Neo-Nazi organization, at the time of his arrest. 

Smith also expressed admiration for other white supremacist groups and leaders according to private online communications, including the Atomwaffen Division, a Neo-Nazi organization, the Misanthropic Division, an Eastern European Neo-Nazi organization, and Robert J. Mathews, the leader of the Order, a white-supremacist group prominent in the Pacific Northwest in the 1980s. 

On Facebook, Smith provided instructions for how to construct a cell phone detonator for an IED, a homemade grenade, and improvised homemade napalm. 

According to court documents, Smith planned to use these devices to target Democratic politician Beto O’Rourke as well as CNN. 

When an undercover agent asked Smith who would be a good target for “fire, destruction, and death,” Smith responded with, “Outside of Beto? I don’t know enough people that would be relevant enough to cause a change if they died.” 

Smith also expressed a desire to find other radicals to travel with him to the Ukraine to fight with Azov Battalion, a paramilitary group. 

Smith stated a desire to cause “chaos,” according to federal authorities. 

This desire to cause chaos is in line with many white supremacists’ belief in “accelerationism.” Followers believe that chaos will speed up the process of collapsing a system that they believe has been infected with miscreant values. 

In James Mason’s book, Siege, made up of essays clearly inspired by “accelerationism,” Mason states that “the final END of society is accelerating” because “the entire foundation itself is thoroughly corroded.”

From private conversations, it is clear that Smith is a follower of this Siege mindset, even calling James Mason the prophet of his deity. 

Extremist groups are aware of Smith’s arrest and have warned others to be more careful in their online communications, the ADL reported.

“Anti-Kosmik had his very distinctive face as his profile pic and he DM'd a federal informant about his plans to target CNN and Beto O'Rourke for direct action… don’t join orgs with a name and a logo… organize with your local goys and don’t do anything stupid…like let your people be genocided [sic] without lifting a finger,” warned the Slovak’s Siege Relief Shack Telegram channel and reported by the ADL.

The CIG, an extremist Telegram channel simply stated, “Everyone cut contacts with Anti-Kosmik [sic] HE GOT ARRESTED.”