'Next flotilla will be stopped'

Israel tells the UN Lebanese flotilla will not be allowed into Gaza.

Gabriela Shalev 311 (photo credit: Shahar Azran)
Gabriela Shalev 311
(photo credit: Shahar Azran)
A letter declaring Israel's intent to stop a new flotilla of ships being organized in Lebanon to break the naval blockade of Gaza was sent to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday by the Israeli ambassador to the UN, Gabriela Shalev.
"We will stop the Lebanese flotilla with all means," Shalev wrote.
RELATED:Haifa Wehbe asks to join Gaza flotillaIsrael fears Lebanese ‘fast’ flotillaShalev also called the the new flotilla an unnecessary provocation and reiterated that Israel continued to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza at the land crossings from Israel into the Strip.
Islamist Lebanese group Hizbullah on Friday denied it was connected to an initiative to send an aid ship to Gaza with only women activists on board, according to AFP.
"Hizbullah confirms that it decided from the very beginning to stay away from this humanitarian act in terms of organization, logistic support and participation so as not to give the Israeli enemy any pretext to attack the participants," the group's leaders reportedly stated.
The ship, the Mariam, was set to set sail in the coming days.