Olympics website: Jerusalem capital of ‘Palestine’

Organizers of 2012 London Olympic Games apologized after website left Israel without capital.

London Olympics 2012 logo (photo credit: Reuters)
London Olympics 2012 logo
(photo credit: Reuters)
Organizers of the 2012 London Olympic Games have apologized after its official website left Israel without a capital while naming Jerusalem as the capital city of a country that does not yet exist, blaming “incorrect data input.”
Profiling the countries taking part in July’s Games, the newly launched website left a blank space as Israel’s capital while in a profile for “Palestine” it listed Jerusalem as its capital.
The site also listed the US dollar as Palestine’s currency, even though the shekel is the accepted currency in the Palestinian Authority.
A spokesman for the Olympic games said on Monday that it had “teething problems” which it said it was working through.
“We have amended the information on our website and we apologize for any offense caused,” the spokesman said.
In the country profiles for Israel and Palestine, which can be found in the Europe and Asia section respectively, both the section for capital cities and currency have now disappeared.