Report: Pakistan calls Abbas to discuss ME peace

Pakistan's President Gen. Pervez Musharraf telephoned his Palestinian counterpart to inform him of his efforts to help resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and bring peace to Iraq and Afghanistan, a news report said Saturday. During Friday's 25-minute conversation Musharraf congratulated Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on reaching a power-sharing agreement with rival Hamas in the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca earlier this month, the state-run Associated Press of Pakistan news agency reported. Abbas told Musharraf he appreciated the Pakistani leader's peace initiative and "expressed his strong support for his efforts," the agency said. Musharraf has toured several Muslim countries in recent weeks to share his ideas about bringing peace and stability to the Middle East. Pakistani officials have not disclosed any specific proposals, but Musharraf has said he is trying to build consensus among countries who support "a conciliatory approach instead of a confrontationist approach" to the region's problems.