Singer Barbra Streisand endorses Barack Obama for US president

Barbra Streisand has changed her tune in the presidential campaign. It wasn't long ago that the Oscar-winning actress and singer called Hillary Rodham Clinton the next president of the United States. On Tuesday, with Clinton out of the race and now supporting Obama, Streisand endorsed him, too. "Barack has awakened in many of us the notion that we can again be hopeful," Streisand said in a statement posted on her Web site. "For Barack, hope, change, believe - they are not just words. They are tangible ideas that make up the blueprint to building a better America for all of us," she said. Streisand endorsed Clinton in November 2007, one day after Oprah Winfrey announced she would campaign for Obama. Streisand called Clinton a "powerful voice for change." Her statement Tuesday didn't mention Clinton or her earlier endorsement.