Student science project sparks subway scare in New York City

A college student in the US has apologized for causing a scare on a subway train when his science project short-circuited and started smoking in his backpack. Gregory Kats, 29, said the device was just a model of an elevator's inner workings. But it frightened passengers Thursday on the New York City subway. Kats said he tried to reassure his fellow passengers that it was a school project - not a bomb - but people scrambled for the exits nonetheless. The box he was holding had a small battery, wires and a motor. "They were panicking, and I realized their fear," an apologetic Kats said. He said he tried to disassemble the contraption on the platform even as he reassured passengers, "Don't worry. This is my science project." Kats was questioned by police and later released. Kats is a computer engineering student at the New York City College of Technology. "I'm very sorry for what happened," Kats said. "I hate to scare people. Next time, I'll be much more careful and keep my electronic projects at home."