Tombstones desecrated in Jewish cemetery in France

Public prosecutor says out of 126 headstones, 49 were either vandalized, damaged or knocked down in what the BNVCA called an "anti-Semitic" act.

desecrated graves France (photo credit: AP)
desecrated graves France
(photo credit: AP)
Forty-nine tombstones in a Jewish cemetery in northeastern France were desecrated, according to police on Sunday, the European Jewish Press reported.
'Beersheba man desecrated Jewish graves'
Jewish cemetery desecrated in France

According to the report, public prosecutor Yves Badorc said that out of 126 tombstones at the Bar-le-duc cemetery, 49 were vandalized, damaged, or knocked down.
No one has taken responsibility for the incident.
The National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism (BNVCA) has called on the prosecutor "to take into consideration the racist character of the degradations in this old Jewish cemetery, which constitute an anti-Semitic act despite the absence of any inscription."