Uganda police prevent terror attack

At least 2 suspects arrested after explosive vests found in bar.

311_uganda attack (photo credit: Associated Press)
311_uganda attack
(photo credit: Associated Press)
Investigators found several unexploded suicide vests in a disco hall in Uganda's capital, suggesting that al-Shabab militants planned to carry out more attacks, a government official said Tuesday.
The find in a bar called Makindye House in a suburb of Kampala on Monday was consistent with what was seen at the two blast sites from Sunday's attacks in Kampala, said the inspector general of police, Kale Kaihura.
RELATED:Uganda bombings kill 64 Cup watchers4 dead, 12 hurt in Turkey bus bombingPolice were called in by the bar's suspicious management after the bag was not claimed by anyone for several hours, according to a Reuters report.
At least two suspects have been arrested by police in the attempted attack.
The death toll from Sunday night's bombings rose to 76, Kaihura said.
The deadliest attack occurred at a rugby club as people watched the game between Spain and the Netherlands on a large-screen TV outdoors. The second blast took place at an Ethiopian restaurant.
Al-Shabab, Somalia's most dangerous militant group, claimed responsibility for the attacks. The Islamists are calling for Uganda to withdraw their African Union peacekeeping forces from Somalia. staff contributed to this report.