Located in East Africa near Kenya, the Congo and Rwanda, Uganda is an African nation of approximately 45.8 million (as of 2021). 

It became independent from the United Kingdom in 1962 though remains part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Though ostensibly a republic, Uganda has had a history of violence and authoritarianism, such as its time ruled by dictator Idi Amin. The current president is Yoweri Museveni, who has been in power since 1986.

In Israel, Uganda is most associated with Operation: Entebbe, when a plane leaving Israel was hijacked and its Israeli passengers taken to Entebbe, Uganda, only to be rescued in an IDF raid.

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 A member of the French Red Cross disinfects the area around someone carrying Ebola

Uganda health ministry confirms Ebola outbreak

A 24-year-old man in Uganda's central Mubende district showed symptoms and later died.


Israeli doctor performs surgery in Uganda and saves the life of 12-year-old pregnant girl

She is the only Israeli doctor who has done a recognized medical rotation (clinical clerkship by medical students during their final year of study) in a Third World country.

Israeli company to operate Uganda's first public bus network

Starting with 1,030 buses, the fleet is set to grow to 3,000 buses, making it one of the largest fleets in Africa.

Ukrainian refugees are good for Israel - opinion

Israel should accept refugees, not only for the sake of offering solace to those in need, but also because it is good for Israel.


Rare insect species with leaf-shaped genitals found in Uganda

Phlogis kibalensis, the new leafhopping discovery, is the first member of the rare genus to be stopped since 1969.

NSO used to hack US State Department phones - report

The hacks hit US officials either based in Uganda or focused on matters concerning the East African country.


Explosion in Uganda capital kills at least two - local TV

Two bombs exploded in Kampala, one very close to the Ugandan parliament and one near the central police station. Local media reported that Parliament had been evacuated


Cataclysm on African continent a pending world war

The Nile River has captivated mystery and myth from the time of ancient Greeks, including Herodotus and Alexander the Great. Today she could become the cause of a world at war.

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