US: Israeli prof.'s wife slain in fake burglary

Authorities investigating the bludgeoning death of an Ivy League professor's wife believe the slaying was staged to look like a burglary, the district attorney said Thursday. Investigators searched Rafael Robb's office at the University of Pennsylvania, but the economics professor, who is originally from Israel, denies having anything to do with Ellen Robb's death. "It's not unusual in these investigations that they first start off closest to home," said Robb's attorney, Francis Genovese. "He is hopeful, as am I, that (authorities) are continuing to pursue all leads and not just focusing solely on him." Ellen Robb, 49, was found beaten to death Dec. 22 in the kitchen of their house in upscale Upper Merion Township, Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia. Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor on Thursday described it as "an exceedingly bloody crime scene" and said the attack was not random.