'US soldier suspected in Wikileaks case'

Report: Serial Wikileaker also released graphic shooting video.

wikileaks video 311 (photo credit: AP)
wikileaks video 311
(photo credit: AP)
Evidence was found linking the Wikileaks release of 76,000 classified documents on the Afghanistan war to one Pfc. Bradley Manning, according to a Wall Street Journal report Thursday.
According to the report, defense officials said Manning, 22, was the same soldier who released a widely-publicized video of a US Army helicopter shooting in Baghdad, an incident which resulted in the deaths of two Reuters journalists and seven others.
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Investigators searched the computers used by Manning and found evidence he had downloaded the Afghanistan war logs from 2004 to 2009, a defense official said, according to the report.
Wikileaks has held back an additional 15,000 documents, and defense officials are looking through Manning's computers in an attempt to figure out what documents have yet to be released, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Manning worked in intelligence in Baghdad, but his high security clearance allowed him to examine documents around the world.
Pfc. Manning was charged earlier this month with providing the graphic video of from a US Apache chopper which showed US troops gunning down seven people, including two Reuters journalists.
The clear black and white film, which runs about 38 minutes in full, shows the helicopters locating a group of about a dozen men moving down a road, some of whom the aviators say are believed to be carrying weapons. After being told they are "free to engage," the gunships attack the group, apparently killing most of the men, then also destroy a van after more people show up and attempt to evacuate one of the wounded.