Student-made robot could change COVID-19 care - watch

Rolling through the corridors of one Nigerian school is a nurse with a difference.

The student-made robot that could change COVID care / Reuters
Students at a school in Nigerian have built a robot that can help nurses care for coronavirus patients at a distance - and they're hoping to make it commercially viable. Angela Ukomadu reports.
Rolling through the corridors of one Nigerian school is a nurse with a difference.
Students at the Glisten International Academy in the capital Abuja have built MAIROBOT, a machine they hope can graduate from their classroom to helping hospitals across the world remotely treat COVID-19 patients.
Nabila Abbas is part of the robotics team.
"I hope that it would not just stop at this COVID-19 pandemic, other infectious diseases can also be curbed using MAIROBOT, like Ebola, Lassa fever and all these other infectious viruses."
Under the florally-patterned exterior, MAIROBOT has several hidden talents. She can deliver medicines, take temperatures and allow remote communication with a patient via a webcam.
Though there are some kinks to iron out. Opening doors, for example, is not one of MAIROBOT's strengths.
Nevertheless, the robot has backing of at least one healthcare professional.
Doctor Oluwajoba Oroge says MAIROBOT should receive a lot of support.
"Limiting the duration of time and the frequency that health workers have to be with patients. COVID-19 patients at this time, so yes it is ingenuous, it is useful."
Teacher David Adeniyi, who oversees the robotics team, says they are working on upgrades to an international standard with the hope that MAIROBOT will one day become commercially viable.