Why do some people believe that these mosquitoes are gov't spy drones?

A viral clip showing mosquitoes with numbers on their bodies got a lot of attention by conspiracy theorists who are sure the government uses them to spy.

By Walla!
A Lynx robot with Amazon Alexa integration on display in Las Vegas.

Interested in the Internet of Things? This is how to use it safely

The growing network of internet-connected robots, switches, hubs and even refrigerators has given rise to a novel category of appliances which are largely referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Sony says it has technology for humanoid robots, needs to find usage

Sony announced that it has the technology to make humanoid robots quickly once it has identified how they could be effectively used.


Solar-tech developer BladeRanger acquires Raycatch assets

By securing the acquisition, BladeRanger hopes to establish itself as an industry leader as global interest in solar energy generation rises.

Jerusalem Highlights November 11-17

What's new to do in Israel's capital?

The robots of the future are already here

Patented robotic technology that can be adapted to any industry brings investment opportunities.


Israeli start-up to clean Indian solar panels with robots for 25 years

The long-term agreement between India’s Avaada Group and Israeli start-up Airtouch Solar is indicative of the growing viability of robotic solar panel dry-cleaning solutions

Is artificial intelligence capable of attacking humanity? - study

Academic researchers and technology experts from around the world have debated whether super-intelligent AI can be contained or prevented from attacking humanity. The results are concerning.

By Lior Novik/Maariv

Tesla CEO Elon Musk showcases humanoid robot at event

The billionaire has said a robot business will be worth more than its cars, hoping to expand beyond self-driving cars that have not yet become a reality.


European Space Agency to send robot dogs to explore the Moon

Robot dogs, powered by artificial intelligence, could be deployed to the Moon to help study the lunar surface, thanks to the LEAP mission backed by the ESA.

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