WATCH: Train doors in St. Petersburg metro ripped by lethal blast

A video from the scene of Monday's horrific blast that took the lives of dozens in Russia's Saint Petersburg has emerged.

Amateur video shows train doors in St.Petersburg metro ripped by blast (Credit VK.COM/SPB_TODAY)
A short amateur video taken at the scene of Monday's horrific blast at Saint Petersburg's metro shows the doors of the train ripped as a result of the explosion. The video, which was taken by witnesses at the scene of the attack that has been labelled as a terror attack by government officials as well as emergency services, also shows bystanders walking around the station in utter shock after the explosion.
Witnesses can be seen speaking to each other, huddling in groups or rapidly trying to exist the station, which was evacuated and sealed following the attack. The video also shows several times victims lying in a pool of blood and blood-stained victims retreating from the scene.
As the camera shakes multiple people can be seen walking uncertainly across the platform, still confused as to the origin and cause of the blast, which affected two different train carriages.
Dozens of people died in the attack, and at least 50 others were injured, as reported by Russian media.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has told the media that an investigation into the attack is already underway and sent a strong message of support and encouragement to his people in the wake of the unexpected and tragic attack.