Eye on Iran: Making the threat real

Ahmadinejad does not need the media does to zoom in on his irresponsible propaganda. Posted by Curus.

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eye on iran blog 88
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Posted by Curus (Kurus) In a recent article by Paul Molnar, he has mentioned a great deal of history regarding the Persian Empire. But he fails to mention Persian king Cyrus who freed Jews in Babylon and left the first-ever written document on human rights. Considering the fact that this story has been mentioned in the first ever piece of literature in the world, the Torah, it seems that Paul and some others prefer to exaggerate the role of Ahmadinejad who is as unaware as President Bush when it comes to global matters. Look at the false story of compulsory uniforms for Jews in Iran. There are forces who are trying to compare him with Adolph Hitler and even push him to behave like him. With the unfortunate anti-Semitic feelings all around the world - particularly in Europe and Arab countries - he is getting more than enough consideration and does not need the JPost to zoom on his irresponsible propaganda. Another piece of Persian history is regarding Persia being invaded by Arabs around 1400 years ago and cultural resistance of Persian people for conservation of their original culture that still continues against will of fundamentalists like Ahmadinejad. Huntington mentions in his book "Clash of Civilizations" that Iran is the only Moslem country in the world in which fundamentalism has been in decline for the last two decades. He points to new generation of Iranian people, and not Iranian government, which are pro-American and neutral on Israel-Palestine conflict. And do not forget that any campaign of bombings or sanctions can change that, and that would be a big mistake. Remember that hundreds and hundreds of missiles that were shot to Iranian cities by Saddam Hussein were in fact meant to target Israel. Persians have saved Jewish people a couple of times in the course of history. Do not help the propaganda to turn into a real threat.
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