Eye on Iran: Missing answers

It is easy from the safety of one's home to seem to have all the answers. Posted by Gale James Hall.

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eye on iran blog 88
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Posted by Gale James Hall, Willard, Utah. First of all, I support Israel in its quest for survival. So many fighting Israel on so many fronts - it is hard for me to imagine. I wish I had answers for you and your country. I don't. It is easy in the heat of so many moments to say what you feel, others should do, and it is easy from the safety of one's home to seem to have all the answers. If I had great wealth I would give it. If I had great power I would use it, but these things I do not posses. I have thought so much about this and have determined that I can pray for Israel. It is written that God hears and answers prayers. So in my humble and limited way I will pray for the safety of Israel and it's people. I fear greatly right now for Israel and its people because sometime this fall I feel that Iran will attack Israel. It will be an unprovoked attack done in secret. It will be the cause of much destruction in Israel and in the world. I know this of myself. Anyway, so much for what I think. Israel must be strong and when it comes to the safety of the country and its people it is important that it not make these kinds of decisions based on world opinion. Israel and its people have support in the world. That is my opinion on Israel and its current situation. Thank you for this opportunity to express my opinion.
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