'Impose crippling sanctions on Iran now'

Netanyahu tells EU envoys that words are not enough against Teheran. [video]

Bibi smiling and pointing 311 ap (photo credit: Associated Press)
Bibi smiling and pointing 311 ap
(photo credit: Associated Press)
In the wake of an Iranian announcement that it began enriching uranium to a higher level over the vociferous objections of the US and its allies, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday urged European Union ambassadors to help promote immediate, "crippling sanctions" against Teheran.
"In the last two days the brutal regime in Teheran has made more outrageous statements, including the implicit call for the extermination of my country," he told the envoys at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. "Israel expects all responsible governments, including all those represented here, to forcefully condemn these outrageous statements."
"But I think what is required is a lot more than words," the primeminister continued. "Iran is racing forward to produce nuclear weaponsin brazen defiance of the international community. And theinternational community must decide if it is serious about neutralizingthis threat to Israel, the region and the entire word. I believe thatwhat is required right now is tough action from the internationalcommunity."
"This means not moderate sanctions or watered down sanctions, thismeans crippling sanctions, and these sanctions must be applied rightnow," Netanyahu stressed.
Meanwhile on Tuesday, the chief of Russia's Security Council said that Iran's recent actions have "raised doubts among other nations" concerning the Islamic republic's sincerity.
"Political and diplomatic methods are important in the settlement [of the nuclear issue], but everything has its limit and there are limits to patience," the Russian official said.
AP contributed to this report.