Iran on arms seizure: 'Zionist regime is full of lies'

Iranian Army Commander-General denies sending weapons to Gaza on "Victoria" ship; Hamas also claims weapons weren't for them.

victoria ship weapons gallery5_512 (photo credit: IDF Spokesperson)
victoria ship weapons gallery5_512
(photo credit: IDF Spokesperson)
The Iranian Army's Commander-General denied on Wednesday that Iran was connected to the weapons found aboard the Victoria.
"The Zionist regime's diet is mixed with lies, lies and more lies," Gen. Amir Ataollah Salehi said. "We deny all false reports."
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"The Zionist regime is a usurper," he added. "There is an Islamic awakening throughout the Middle East and North Africa that sees the damage."
Salehi said "there is no doubt that Israel is calculating its losses since the departure of the Egyptian Pharoh. God willing, they will sink to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea."
He added that "next year the armed forces of the Islamic Republic will be stronger than ever."
A Hamas spokesman also denied that the weapons aboard the Victoria was headed for them, Israel Radio reported on Wednesday.
The IDF intercepted a cargo vessel, called the Victoria, en route from Turkey to Egypt on Tuesday. The ship was found to contain advanced weaponry, including anti-ship missiles labeled in Farsi, as well as manuals explaining how to use them in Farsi.
The ship was boarded by several teams of commandos from Flotilla 13, known as the Shayetet, and reached the Ashdod port overnight Tuesday.

Yaakov Katz contributed to this report.