Iran: We've arrested Israel spy ring

Intelligence minister says group of people wanted to "carry out explosions, particularly before election."

iranian intelligence minister Ejei (photo credit: Courtesy)
iranian intelligence minister Ejei
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Iranian authorities have arrested a group of people linked to Israel who are suspected of planning bombings ahead of the Islamic republic's presidential election on June 12, Reuters cited the country's intelligence minister as saying on Sunday. "A group of deceived elements... who wanted to carry out explosions, particularly before the June election, was arrested," Intelligence Minister Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei was quoted as telling Iranian radio. State radio did not say how many people had been arrested or give any other details. Iran often accuses Israel and the United States of seeking to undermine the Islamic republic. Last year, an Iranian businessman was hanged after he was convicted of spying on the military for the Jewish state. The would-be bombers were "related to the Zionists," Mohseni-Ejei said. On Thursday, Lebanon charged a retired general, his wife and his nephew, a government security agent, with spying for Israel. The general and his wife were arrested on April 11, and their nephew was detained several days later, said Lebanese security officials said. Authorities were still searching for a fourth suspect who, together with the family members, provided information to Israel about Lebanese and Syrian military and civilian installations, according to charges filed by Saqr Saqr, the military prosecutor.