Iranian group: EU must remove us from terror list

Supporters of an Iranian opposition group said Wednesday the European Union had failed to adequately explain why it refused to take the group off its list of terrorist organizations despite an EU court ruling. The EU's refusal to remove the People's Mujahadeen Organization of Iran from the list was "a political and ethical disgrace," said Alejo Vidal-Quadras, vice president of the European Parliament. "We have come across no evidence whatsoever which would justify maintaining the PMOI on the terrorist list," the Spanish conservative told a news conference. The group, which advocates the overthrow of the Iranian regime, is also on the US State Department's list of terrorist organizations. Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein allowed the group to operate camps in Iraq from which it launched attacks inside Iran, although the group now says it has renounced military action and its militants in Iraq have handed weapons over to US-led forces there.