'Missile shields no match for Iran's arsenal'

Senior military advisor to Khamenei says all of Israel is within reach of Tehran's current missiles.

Iranian ballistic missile_311 reuters (photo credit: Ho New / Reuters)
Iranian ballistic missile_311 reuters
(photo credit: Ho New / Reuters)
Israeli and US-developed missile shields are no match for Iranian missiles, a senior military advisor to the Islamic Republic's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said Wednesday.
Calling missile defense systems protecting Israel "inefficient," Iranian Maj.-Gen. Seyyed Yahya Rahim-Safivi asserted that all of Israel is within range of Tehran's current arsenal of long-range missiles, official Iranian news agency IRNA reported.
“These missile shields which they have deployed in Turkey, occupied Palestine, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates cannot hit all our missiles,” PressTV quoted him as saying.
“They may hit some of our missiles, but the number of our missiles is so large that they will not be able to target our missiles,” he added
The senior Iranian military advisor added that the Revolutionary Guard is closely following war games taking place in the region, specifically a joint US-Israeli exercise.
The Revolutionary Guard has comprehensive information covering "even the planes being used in the exercises," according to IRNA.
But Rahim-Safivia also downplayed the likelihood of a "foolish" strike against Tehran's nuclear program. He cited the upcoming election season in the United States, saying that "it is not advisable" for US President Barack Obama to launch a new war.
Nonetheless, Iran is ready to counter any war plans against it, he added, saying that "plans have been made to respond to any military action strongly."
Iran would "make a warmonger feel regret," the Iranian general warned.